Our Story

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In a world full of competition where everyone is chasing and there is a lot of chaos, you find it difficult to depend on a single thing. There are a variety of influencers who have persuaded women to make choices in cloth globally. We DATOTTA is one of the women's fashion brands which is an Indian based brand who promote their apparel among women. 

DATOTTA was founded on 11th NOVEMBER 2020 by Managing Director Mr SUMIT SHARMA who is behind this company to make DATOTTA stand out peculiarly in this era of competition, due to his support & belief in women, the DATOTTA has all women team led by founders TANYA DOBHAL and GURRASAN KAUR with a phantom of inspiring all our customers from our trendy and unique clothing style. As our TAGLINE suggests we design dreams for each and every woman what she has always desired. We live for all the beautiful ladies out there.Our team believes to promote and motivate women in all the way possible which helps to bring out the BEAUTIFUL YOU, the real you, the inner you. Womanhood represents all the freedom, invincible power, authenticity, gratitude. We believe to maintain it through our brand. Our team needs a strong woman which is hidden inside each and every lady, we work together to bring out all the dreams you wish for.

Our Mission

We are concentric towards solving your problems, your doubts. We stand out for you, so that you could grab all the liberty and respect. Your passion is our priority, that’s why we keep ourselves ahead in elaborating the style for you. With the help of our team, we have managed to make our supply chain management as much easy as possible, so that could not hamper our supply for you with an affordable price. We make sure the quality of our clothes is comfortable for you at a given price and won’t let you feel down.

Our Promise

We care for your dissatisfaction. Thus, we welcome each and every feedback and take necessary action which helps us to learn and grow with you. We believe in building trust and it could only be maintained if we grow together, and if there is transparency between customer and Brand. We believe in expression and we respect your every word which could help us in improvement. Our team promises to bring the best deal for you so that we could reflect your beautiful aura. Always remember DATOTTA design dreams, and live dreams for you to bring the BEAUTIFUL YOU.