What fabric to wear when mom to be

Pregnancy is a major milestone: as a pregnant woman, you bring a new life into this world. Pregnant women go to great lengths to ensure that their little ones are comfortable and cared for. It should be high on the list as your body and mind need it for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Wearing the right clothes during pregnancy is not a luxury, it is a necessity as you will feel comfortable as you grow. So what should you wear during pregnancy? This article is designed to help you set up your maternity wardrobe. Let's start with why pregnant women need comfortable clothing.


Your body changes dramatically during pregnancy, so you should wear clothing that is not only comfortable but also suitable for your growing body.

 1. Being nine months pregnant means going through different seasons too. Many pregnant women find the summers too hot and the winters too cold. Wearing cotton clothing in the summer can keep you cool as the fabric absorbs sweat. Whereas, woolen fabrics can keep you warm in winter.

 2. Cotton is your best friend. Wear loose-fitting and breathable cotton clothing. Cotton absorbs sweat and keeps you cool. Cotton is also kind to the skin and prevents rashes. You can choose from a variety of maternity tops and briefs that support the baby's tummy.

 3. Pregnancy isn't just about your baby; The first step in caring for your baby is to take care of yourself. Wearing the right clothes will help you feel comfortable and become a calmer and happier person, and a happier person means a happier Infant.

 4. Wraparounds are not just modern and stylish; They are also extremely convenient. Invest in these and combine them with tank tops or tunics. You can wear elasticized clothing, but be careful that it is not too tight.

 5.  Frequent visits to the toilet to urinate are common during pregnancy. Buy clothes with that in mind. You will find that skirts and dresses are extremely helpful as they make life easier for you during pregnancy.

 6. Avoid using non-natural fabrics such as synthetic fibers, elastin, chiffon, and georgette. Your hormones are in overdrive making you sweat excessively. Using these materials will make it worse.

 7.  Long dresses, baggy shirts, robes, tunics, and wraps are some suitable options as they are easy to wear and comfortable too. Look for baggy clothes that you can wear while pregnant.

 8. Wear wool in winter to keep warm. Your body is delicate during pregnancy and takes care of you and your child. The drop in mercury levels during pregnancy can lead to a cold or even the flu. Invest in soft wool clothing, socks, and gloves to stay warm.