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I get bored with jeans because you can't constantly wear an upper and jeans pair and walk out the door. You are always seeking something different based on the events or scenarios that you will be dealing with. I usually try to dress appropriately for the activities I go to, I don't want to seem like some oddball on the beach. But I always take care of my style, which is basic but edgy. It's never apparent what to dress for what occasion. If you don't want to wear denims or long dresses, here are some great selections I have picked for you from the Datotta store.


This yellow dungaree includes stretchy straps and a belt around the waist. This may be worn with a white off-the-shoulder Bodycon crop top, Funky white shoes, and a ponytail tied with trendy scrunchies and large silver circular earrings.

These will be my suggestions for you when I look at this dress or say the first idea that comes into my mind.


Black shorts with black boots have always been the finest gorgeous outfit combination. And if you want to show a little decency, opt with plain white sneakers. If I were to recommend an upper, I would go with any plain/check shirt, crop top, or baggy t-shirt. Any hairstyle will look good on you, whether it's a bun, a pony tail, or open hair.



Have you ever tried a short dungaree with a belt? If not, you can get one from Datotta. To get the bewitching appearance, choose a bodycon crop top and high heel boots.


Who doesn't adore Pink?

It's mesmerising and relaxing to the eyes. This pink dungaree is baggy and will definitely look pretty on you.  You may pair it with a white bodycon crop top to accentuate the black belts of the dungarees, and white sneakers to complete your stunning look.



This dungaree is unique in that it may be worn with both heels and shoes. And my colour preferences are black and white, for both shoes and heels, and I may wear them with yellow heels and a top of the same colour. Shades of Green can also be worn. It all depends on the type of top you're wearing. Choose your shoes or heels based on your clothes.

The Datotta store has many options available in their store. We are zealously awaiting for you to shop with us and stay connected with us. We keep your budget in mind and have gathered clothing at a reasonable price. Shop with us to have the best offers.