Netflix & WFH Dresses!

New adaptations, new habits, new changes...

We're all going through the same problems. Everyone is confronted with the New Normal, and they have no choice but to embrace this new normal, which is becoming fashionable. So, yep, we're all watching Netflix at home and battling the pressures of work.

Do you feel perplexed when you get up and want to choose a better outfit?

Obviously, we all do, which is why I feel compelled to ask you all this question. There's always the question of what to wear and what not to wear.

Don't worry, we're here to help you to vanquish your perplexions regarding apparels. We have some great deals on short dresses for you.

 We have a wide range of colours and peculiar styles in short dresses that you may wear at home as well as out without having to change. It's especially useful for those like myself who don't like to change and like to go out in their pyjamas some days when you feel like a lazybones.


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V-neck, quarter sleeves, front button, and flared hem in a black solid knitted fit and flare dress. This baggy dress is more comfy than you may imagine, and it looks great with leggings, jeans, or light blue denim shorts.


V-neck, short sleeves, and front button on this solid knitted fit and flare dress. If you want to be edgy, look over its selection and give it serious consideration in terms of comfort.


The set includes a Floral Print Dress with a Self-Tie Knot Neck, Full Bishop Sleeves, Ruffled Flare, and Belt. This is a long dress that descends beyond the knees and comes in a range of colours that will undoubtedly create an impression on your thoughts.

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