Leather pants: Handwash or machine wash

Leather pants are fashionable and so comfortable to wear. Leather plans at an evening party with your goals. Looks good? Suddenly a glass of wine spilt on you does not look good to wear. Leather pants can be fascinating but keeping it clean and fresh. Is very difficult. So you must proceed cautiously when cleaning them. To keep your leather pants nice and fresh. First, pay attention to the label- If a piece says “not washable” then You should obey. Otherwise, go ahead with washing a small piece to know whether you should continue or not. 

Machine wash is safe or not??

Some leather pants can be washed in a machine. There will be no hundreds of colors or textures. It is a myth that leather can only be dry cleaned , you can wash them in a machine also. Just keep the following points in mind.

1. Wash your leather pants/ garments separately from all the other clothing.
2. Use your regular liquid detergent.
3. Set your machine to a delicate wash.
4. Wash your leather pants in cold water only.
5. After washing, recommended methods for drying would be hang drying.. Avoid machine dryers.
6. Once dry, it is trying to walk in your fresh and new washing leather. Look at your next night out with your girls.

Hand wash??

To keep the leather pants healthy and safe, first read the label. Otherwise, it is advisable to gently remove the stain and try machine wash with cold water.