How to prevent dark poplin shirt

Assorted styles of cotton poplin from cold shoulders, ruffles, and even oversized shirts help to make our wardrobe extremely fun!!! Poplin fabric is also called tabbinet. Poplin is a kind of weave material. It is tightly woven and contains fine warp yarns. It is durable and lightweight. To stay fashionable, we must know how to clean a poplin shirt and keep our clothes looking new.

To stop poplin shirts from fading away, here are some very important tips which you need to follow.

1. Follow labels- Always try to obey the label. The care label will always help you to let you know the best way to wash your garment and what you should use and what not to use on your

2. Use cold water- Without taking anyone’s suggestion, always use cold water when it comes to poplin shirts. It will help you to protect your garment. Warm/hot water will increase the chances of releasing dye in washing water.

3. Inside out- Turn your poplin shirt inside out. As there are chemicals present in the detergent, turning the clothes inside out will preserve the colors of your garment which you love the

4. Change in the setting – When it comes to delicate clothes like poplin, try to wash them using the gentle cycle. A gentle cycle spins gently so it will reduce abrasion to your garments.

5. Use fabric conditioner – Like conditioner smoothens your hair’s, fabric conditioners also act the same to your garments. Fabric conditioner lubricates the fibers in your clothes.

This reduces every issue and as a result, reduce dye loss. Fabric conditioners will give a fresh look to your garment and will reduce it from fading away.